ƒ Marija Timotić – Serbia
After a very long and detailed search which included testing a lots of very good instruments, we made a final decision to buy the best instrument we could find at the market, at that moment, for our daughter. The cello was made in September 2019, Ruggieri model. From the begging of our search, we were looking for the instrument which could provide deep and warm sound, and be elegant at the same time. In our correspondence with Luthier Stoynov, we found a person who was very open and attentive, and willing to listen all our needs. The cello we bought has all the qualities that we were looking for. It is very easy to play and has strong, warm and very clear tone. Our daughter is totally in love with that instrument. We would recommend Maestro Petko Stoynov’s work to everyone who is looking for a high quality instrument. [VIDEO]

ƒ Vladimir Bistritsky (Nevsky String Quartet, St.Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts – Associate Professor)
Since August 2016 I’m happy to use in my performances the wonderful instrument made by Petko Stoynov. The deep, solid and rich sound of his viola (model Montagnana 1717) is able to fill the largest concert halls of St. Petersburg independently if it’s a solo performance or an orchestra one. I want especially to mention the unique timbre of the instrument, moderately dark and quite soft, responsive to every touch of the bow, as well the commodity to perform with it both classical music (sonatas by Schubert, Brahms, Glinka, Frank), and works by contemporary composers of different stylistic directions. I will gladly continue to collaborate with Petko Stoynov promoting his art between the musicians of St. Petersburg. [VIDEO]

ƒ Alan (Violinist.com)
For the second time in my life, a violin brought tears to my eyes.
A new unplayed violin remember. Sweet tone, easy to play, volume there waiting to be developed and in two days it has doubled its sweetness, sonority and power.
All I can say is that the man (Petko Stoinov) is a genius, he must have been touched by an angel.

ƒ Brenda Day, USA
You made a violin in 2004 with a beautiful brown finish. It is sounding great and serving my needs as a violinist well. Thank you for making such a fine instrument. I hope to grow musically with it as we both get better with age. I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy playing the violin you took so much time and care to create. I am happy you have a website for me to express my appreciation for your making of such a fine instrument.

I love my violin! It is both beautiful to look at and hear played. It has great even tone from the lowest to the highest notes. The more I play, the more my technique improves and I get more out of the instrument. Beautiful sound. It seems to sing. A very responsive instrument that will only improve over time.

ƒ José Vilafranca – Spain
The violin is excellent, I’m very satisfied with the nice and potent sound. All days when I arrive at home I play more than 1,30 hours.

ƒ Kim Tipper & Associates Fine Violins
I have played your violin today and I think it sounds lovely.  I think this is the best violin you have sent us.  Thank-you and bravo!  It is clear and loud and quite beautiful for a new instrument.  It seems a little lighter than the first one you sent and that is good as it is still strong and yet more resonant.

ƒ Michelle – Colorado, USA
I am extremely happy with the voice and responsiveness of this violin, that I have been fortunate to play for over four years. It is by far the most refined and sonorous instrument I have had the pleasure of playing: it is a demanding taskmaster, but so rewarding!  It has elevated my performance, and helps me continue to mature as a violinist.

ƒ Lasha – Canada (Vancouver Island – Victoria, British Columbia)
I bought your most beautiful violin on December, 2011.  It was a Christmas present for myself…and I love playing it. Thank you for making such a beautiful instrument…….I am so proud of her and I practice everyday.  I have had many comments on my violin on how beautiful she is.

ƒ Sydney, Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
“It’s an easy instrument to play. The response is great. The bowing to achieve a great sound requires less pressure on the strings to achieve a very noble sound than other violins.
The Stoinov violin sounds better every time I play it. This guy is a well kept secret. His violins are in the 12-15000 class easily and get better with time.
I’m glad I bought the Stoinov.”

ƒ Fiddleheads.ca
“The finish of this violin features a gorgeous warm golden color of a stunning transparency and incredible optical depth. This instrument has a remarkably lush, full sound with remarkable volume and clear projection.
This violin is very powerful in volume and tone. The warm, deep, clear tone is rich in nuances and beautiful ringing overtones making this violin a true solo instrument to be greatly appreciated by professional musicians.”

ƒ Fiddleheads.ca
“Petko Stoinov is one of Eastern Europe’s finest luthiers”

ƒ Euroviolins
“This viola sounds as impressive as it looks! The deep powerful tone reveals acoustic richness and maturity typically found in modern Italian violas. Professional musicians will greatly appreciate this instrument!”

ƒ The Sofia Echo
“In a past life, I was myself a violinist, and I was looking at the pictures of the violins on Stoinov’s website (…) I was very impressed with the quality of the instruments that I saw, though regretfully I have not as yet had the opportunity to play on one. A lot can be judged about a violin from its appearance, though – as a general rule, a violin sounds like it looks. Darker woods give darker tones, lighter woods more lyric tones, and the overall quality of the sound corresponds to workmanship as expressed in proportion and form and quality of the wood and the varnish (which does in fact influence the acoustic characteristics). A violin that looks beautiful sounds beautiful, and these looked very beautiful indeed, despite the fact that any new instrument requires extensive playing over time to develop into its full potential.”

ƒ Art N Crafts
“Petko Stoinov – One of the 20th century Luthiers”

ƒ Jojo – FiddleheadForum

“His violins are very very pleasing to my eyes.(…)I had my heart set on this one. I almost cried when it sold. (…) I am anxiously waiting for more Stoinov violins. (..) I’m dieing to buy one!”

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