I made stringed musical instruments of masters and orchestral class, violins, violas and cellos.
Along with this I can repair these kinds of instruments.

The instruments can be made according to specific requirements and clients orders.

ƒ  Violins
Model Stradivarius – 1713, 1714, 1715
Model G.Guarnierius – 1741, 1742, “Il Cannone”

ƒ  Violas
Model Ornati – sizes: 406 mm, 410 mm, 425 mm

ƒ  Cello
Model Stradivarius

All the instruments are made of high-grade wood material with excellent acoustical qualities.

The ancient Italian families-violin makers provided the wood material for their music instruments from the Balkan peninsula region, more precise from the woodland mountain ranges in Bulgaria – Rhodope and Stara Planina Mountains.In order to keep the tradition of the old Italian masters I am working with material that has been obtained from this woodland. I make the instruments from such trees as spruce (Picea excelsa) and sycamore. The have been felled on the north mountainside of Rhodope and Balkan, to an elevation above the sea level over 1800 m. This high-grade wood material has excellent tree’s structure and acoustical qualities. It becomes dry and seasoned according to a traditional technology used by the ancient Italian masters that has been transmitted from the antiquity and is kept down to the present days.Both each component of the instrument and its complete finishing off, the laying of the varnish are hand-made.

The polishing is made by oil or spirit varnish. All of its ingredients are imported from Italy and England.The spirit polishing is taken from Italian experts according to their methods with a high varnish quality.

The varnishing is performing from Italian and English recipes and technologies.The technology of the oil varnish is taken from the great expert David Rubio from England, who sent written instructions about polishing to me before he passed away.The laying of the varnish can be done according to the standards (by steadily laying the color ton) or by a technology after which the instruments acquires ancient appearance.

All the instruments have a Certificate of Autenticity.